What's the difference between a used vehicle & a Certified Pre-Owned model?


Every Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle is a used vehicle, but not every used vehicle is Certified Pre-Owned. Confused? Don't worry! We'll break down the differences below, but basically a CPO model has to follow strict standards and pass rigorous inspections before they earn the title and go onto our lot. They also get added benefits that you won't find on a non-certified model. Let's dive in to learn about these 'middle ground' options.


What are the rules for a Certified Pre-Owned Buick or GMC?


Buick and GMC are part of the General Motors group of brands, which means they have the same rules for Certification.

  • Mileage: the odometer cannot exceed 75,000 miles, so you'll have plenty of life left on your chosen model.
  • Model Year Limit: when you buy a CPO Buick or GMC it won't be older than five model years. This helps to ensure that you'll be driving a model around South Bend or Elkhart that has the most up to date looks, features, and technology.
  • Multi-Point Inspection: Buick and GMC models undergo a 172-point inspection, and if they pass they get the CPO label.

    What are the rules for a Certified Pre-Owned Hyundai?


    Hyundai isn't a General Motors brand, but there are some similarities.

  • Mileage: Hyundai's up for Certification cannot have more than 60,000 miles. This is notably lower than the brands above, so if you do a lot of driving around Mishawaka and beyond then you might want to consider the extra mileage you'll get with Hyundai.
  • Model Year Limit: just like Buick and GMC, Certified Pre-Owned Hyundai models cannot be older than five year's old.
  • Multi-Point Inspection: Hyundai models must pass a 173-point inspection.

    What are the perks of buying a Certified Pre-Owned model?


    The inspection and basic rules that models must meet before earning the Certification title are impressive enough, but brands still like to treat their shoppers to even more perks.


    Extended Warranties: warranty talk can make people's eyes glaze over. We admit it's not the most thrilling, but if something goes wrong you'll want powertrain and limited coverage just in case. With a Certified model the warranties get extended for your benefit.


    Roadside Assistance: life happens when you're behind the wheel, but you don't have to worry about getting stranded on the side of the road with a Certified Pre-Owned model! Just like with new vehicles, a Certified model receives roadside assistance that can help with dead batteries, a flat tire you might get in Granger IN or when you're visiting relatives several states over, a bit of fuel so you can get to the next gas station, and more.


    Breakdown Benefits: if your roadside issue cannot be immediately fixed and you need a tow to a service center, there are breakdown benefits in place. For example, you can get a discount on a hotel, rental car, or taxi services.


    Media Benefits: all three brands give customers a three-month subscription to SiriusXM, which is also something you'd expect if you were buying new. Within that time frame you can enjoy all the satellite radio stations that deliver music, comedy, games, and news, and we bet you'll want to reup that membership when the 90 days is over.


    CARFAX: if you want to know your vehicle's history, you'll enjoy reviewing the CARFAX report that comes with a Certified model. When you consider this paperwork along with the big inspections, you can feel extra secure about how mechanically-sound your used vehicle is.


    Customers love Certified vehicles because they get the best of both worlds: affordable pricing and peace of mind that their vehicle is of the highest pre-owned quality. If you're ready to drive off in one, stop into our Goshen dealership this week. You can schedule a test drive on a specific one or just pop in when you have time. Afterward, we'll go over financing offers for buying, and another benefit of going the CPO route is that you can find similar APR structures that you would with new vehicles.


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