The Importance of Tire Maintenance Whether You Drive a GMC, Buick or Hyundai

You may think when it comes to routine maintenance that an oil change is the most beneficial action you can take. While oil changes are crucial in sustaining your vehicle's wellbeing in the short and long term, it's not the only recommended maintenance used to extend the lifespan of your Hyundai Sonata. An equally vital action to show your GMC Sierra 1500 you care is maintaining the condition of its tires.

When you drive through Indiana, there's only one component of your vehicle that creates a personal connection with the surface: your four tires. Through snow, gravel, rain, mud, ice, and shine, your tires relentlessly carry your Buick Enclave to each destination. With the amount of wear-and-tear they can experience, it's critical to ensure that you're keeping an eye on their condition throughout the year. A great way to do so is establishing a relationship with our service center at Goshen Buick-GMC-Hyundai.

There are several actions required for the care and maintenance of your vehicle's tires, and all of them can be conducted by our service technicians in Goshen, IN. These procedures include:

  • Tire Pressure Checks - Monitoring the pressure of each of your tires will improve the overall fuel economy of your GMC Acadia and prolong the use of your tires. Create the habit of checking your tire pressure each month and filling up each tire as necessary.
  • Tire Rotations - As you drive, the weight that impacts your front and rear tires is different. To avoid your tires wearing unevenly and negatively affecting performance, you'll need to have your tires rotated at intervals of approximately 5,000 miles.
  • Balance and Alignment - Like tire rotations, the acts of balancing your tires and aligning the wheels of your Hyundai Santa Fe will help increase the lifespan of this auto part and benefit your fuel economy and handling while driving.

Don't wait until a major tire issue erupts and wreaks havoc on your Buick Encore. Schedule an appointment online to bring your car, truck or SUV into our Goshen service center to have a tire rotation or wheel alignment conducted. If it's been a while and you're not sure what service your tires may need, one of our experienced service technicians would be happy to investigate them during your appointment.

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