Get to know the 2019 Santa Fe & learn what happened to the Santa Fe Sport

There's an "all-new" vehicle at our dealership and it's the redesigned 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe! We'll dive into what's new and touch on our three favorite features.

What's new for the 2019 Santa Fe

A lot! For starters, the biggest change has been the naming convention. You might think the 2019 Santa Fe is an update of the three-row version, but it's actually the two-row Santa Fe Sport, with the 'Sport' title dropped. Moving forward for the 2019 model year, the three-row version we've come to love will be called the Santa Fe XL.

Another big change is the aesthetics, and Hyundai designers gave the 2019 Santa Fe an entirely new look. This version blends the elegant sculpting you'd find on a crossover with the subtle boxy shape of an SUV. The new shape, plus an updated grille, give the Santa Fe a look that's more refined. The interior also got a significant upgrade, and it looks a lot more mainstream, minimalist, and sleek.

Engines are essentially the same — there's either a 2.4L or a 2.0L turbo charged engine — but the 2020 model year will get a turbodiesel! That's some ways away, but we're still excited.

Our three favorite features

The Santa Fe comes with a ton of advanced safety technologies, but the two we love the most have precious cargo in mind. There's the available Rear Occupant Alert that can detect children and pets. The other is standard and it's a worldwide exclusive Safe Exist Assist that can sense if traffic is coming and locks the doors.

Get the top-level Ultimate or Ultimate 2.0T trims and you'll get a standard heads-up display. We like that it shows your current speed, as well as the actual speed limit. All this is displayed on the windshield, and it's an appreciated reminder that still keeps your eyes on the road.

Lastly, there's a hands-free liftgate, but it's a little different than what you'll find with other models. You simply stand close to the vehicle and it'll open, thanks to the proximity key. You thankfully don't have to do that move where you wave and wiggle your foot under the vehicle!

To see how great and stylish the redesigned 2019 Santa Fe five-passenger crossover is, stop into our dealership this week! We're located in Goshen and proudly serve the South Bend, Elkhart, Mishawaka, and Granger areas.

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